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Obstetrics Specialist

Kingsley N. Asumugha, MD, FACOG -  - Board Certified OB/GYN

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Kingsley N. Asumugha, MD, FACOG

Board Certified OB/GYN located in Webster, TX

Pregnancy is one of the most memorable times in life, so having an obstetrics team that provides the highest level of personalized care is important. At A'fina Houston OB/GYN in Webster, Texas, board-certified OB/GYN Kingsley Asumugha, MD, FACOG, and his team are always available to walk you through the pregnancy journey from start to finish. Call or request an appointment online today for compassionate care and expertise in obstetrics.

Obstetrics Q & A



When should I see an obstetrician?

If you just found out you’re pregnant — or if you’re ready to try to get pregnant — one of the first things you should do is call A'fina Houston OB/GYN to schedule an appointment with Dr. Asumugha. He provides complete prenatal care for normal and high-risk pregnancies as well as preconception counseling for women who want to have a baby. 

Preconception counseling helps you prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy about 3-6 months before you get pregnant. 

If you’ve been trying to conceive for one year, or six months if you’re 35 or older, Dr. Asumugha also offers infertility evaluations. Depending on your needs, he may recommend a fertility treatment, such as ovulation induction or intrauterine insemination.

What is prenatal care?

Prenatal care encompasses all the medical care, including tests, procedures, and counseling that you receive during pregnancy. During your prenatal visits, Dr. Asumugha performs routine tests, including ultrasounds, and monitors your health and the health of your baby. 

He also helps you prepare for what to expect throughout pregnancy and works with you to develop a plan for labor and delivery. He explains the risks and benefits of vaginal delivery, Cesarean section, and vaginal birth after C-section so you can make an informed decision. After you give birth, Dr. Asumugha continues to support you with postpartum care. 

What is high-risk obstetrics?

Having a high-risk pregnancy means there’s a greater risk of complications that may cause health problems for you or your baby. Dr. Asumugha provides comprehensive care for all types of high-risk pregnancies, including:

  • Existing health conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension
  • Pregnancy in teens and women over age 35
  • Repeated miscarriages
  • Twins and other multiple births
  • Bleeding during pregnancy
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Preeclampsia

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you may need additional tests and procedures, including ultrasounds and blood tests. Getting early and regular prenatal care at A'fina Houston OB/GYN improves your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and delivery with no complications. 

What medications can I use during pregnancy? 

There is no medication considered to be 100% safe for long-term use in pregnancy. Each medication carries risks and benefits. Therefore, it is recommended that you:

  1. Limit the use of medications unless benefits outweigh the risks
  2. Minimize the number of days or doses taken. Unless prescribed by your doctor, then take exactly as prescribed.

The following medications are generally safe choices for:

  • Allergies: Claritin or Claritin-D, Allegra or Allegra-D, Zyrtec or Zyrtec-D, Flonase, Benadryl
  • Cold/Fever: Tylenol or Extra Strength Tylenol, Sudafed, Tylenol-Sinus, Mucinex DM. Saline Nasal spray. Increase your fluid intake and rest. Report a fever over 101.0.
  • Cough: Robitussin DM, Cough drops.
  • Constipation: Metamucil, Surfak, Colace, Fibercon, Milk of Magnesia, Miralax. Increase Fiber and Fluid intake daily.
  • Diarrhea: Kaopectate, Imodium AD. Drink clear fluids until diarrhea stops.
  • Heartburn/Indigestion: Maalox, Mylanta, Tums, Gelusil, Pepcid, Prilosec OTC, Prevacid, Nexium.
  • Headache: Tylenol, Extra Strength Tylenol, Acetaminophen. Report any headache not relieved by Tylenol.
  • Hemorrhoids: Anusol Cream or suppositories, Preparation H, Tucks, Witch Hazel.
  • Sore Throat: Cepacol Lozenges, Chlorospetic Spray, Tylenol for pain. Gargle warm salt water.
  • Gas: Mylicon, Mylanta, Gas-X
  • Nausea: Ginger (in any form), Vitamin B6 25mg 3 times a day, Unisom (will make you sleepy), Dramamine (for motion sickness).
  • Skin Irritation/Acne: Calamine Lotion, Hydrocortisone, Neosporin Ointment. Benzoyl Peroxide.
  • Herpes: Dom Burrows soaks, Zovirax Cream, Valtrex

**Don’t take Aspirin or Ibuprofen Products (i.e., Motrin, Advil, Aleve) unless prescribed by your doctor.

**Don’t drink Alcohol it causes premature birth, birth defects & fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

For an obstetrics team that promises to be there with you every step of the way, call A'fina Houston OB/GYN, or request an appointment online today.